The Location

Frankfurt / Main Ffm
Frankfurt - Hahn

The next airport is Frankfurt / Main and Frankfurt/ Hahn, both about 60 kilometres away

By car:
The cities of Wiesbaden and Mainz are within 30 minutes reach by car or train. Frankfurt/ Main is also about 60 km away.
You reach Stephanshausen via the A 66 and the B42 from Frankfurt/Main, Wiesbaden. In Winkel West you turn right to Johannisberg and there otherwise right to Stephanshausen.
From Koblenz you have to drive to Geisenheim via the B42 and turn left to Johannisberg, Stephanshausen.

The next railway station is Geisenheim. (The train between Wiesbaden and Koblenz). From Geisenheim you get the bus to Stephanshausen (once an hour)

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